Wimbledon: History and Overview

Tennis is one of the most spectated sports in the world. According to Top End Sports, a sports magazine, every year, tennis gets around 1 billion in terms of viewership. It is particularly popular in Asia, the Americas and Europe. One of its most notable yearly events is the Wimbledon. It is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world and is one of the most viewed as well. This article will give you an insight of what it is and will try to give you a brief walk down memory lane of how the said tournament came to be. So, before you get those Wimbledon 2017 packages for yourself and your family, read this first.


As stated above, here are some of the fast facts that you should know before purchasing Wimbledon 2017 packages. Wimbledon is the oldest and the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It is one of the four grand slam events that are being held by the tennis world. The other tournaments are the Australian Open, the US Open and the French Open. The said tournament happens on the second half of July. It culminates Men’s and Women’s single finals game. These culminating events are scheduled on the second and the third Sunday of July every year respectively.


Before it was the Wimbledon, the said tennis tournament was known by a different name. The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club was the officiating body that organized a lawn tennis event in Wimbledon. In 1876, lawn tennis, the game invented by Walter Clopton Wingfield, was later on added to local sports club in the UK such as the Marylbone Cricket club. The rules of the sport back then were pretty much the same as it is played today with a few exceptions such as the height of the posts and net, distance of the serve line and the distance of the serve line and the net.

The first Wimbledon championship was held on July 9, 1877. The said event had a single tournament which was the men’s single which was won by Spencer Gore. Approximately 200 people joined the said event and paid 200 shillings to witness it.

Early 90’s

One of the things that you should know before purchasing Wimbledon 2017 packages is the events that transpired in the early 90’s. This is because a lot of important events have transpired in this time frame. One of the most notable is the long term plan that was unveiled in 1993 that was made to make the viewer experience better by building a new arena.

Things to remember

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